December 1, 2008

My Love of Nigella, Or, How I Started Obsessing Over Food.

I'm not a trained chef. Not by any means. I taught myself to cook basically by necessity. It all started with the show "Nigella Bites". It was a half hour program that aired on the Style Network here in the USA and is periodically shown on the Food Network. Nigella Lawson, a beautiful British food writer, hosted this cooking show unlike any I had ever seen. Her way in front of the camera and her style of cooking made me want to get in the kitchen. My young son was even entranced by her...although I don't know if it was Nigella's beauty or her food that drew him in!

So, I ran to Barnes & Noble and picked up Nigella's first book "How to Eat" where some of the early episodes of "Nigella Bites" come from. You certainly can tell that Nigella is a writer. Her cookbooks actually read like books. I will often pick up her books and start at page one and read them like novels. The first Nigella recipe I ever made (and the one I turn to most) is "Ham in Coca-Cola". Stupid easy to make and absolutely delicious. This is the only way I make ham now and it's the ham my children prefer most. Give it a shot...and be careful. Once you've cooked with Nigella, you're done for!

You can find the recipe here:

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