January 22, 2014

Food as Entertainment

Food is so much a part of my life (now have 62 cookbooks - in case you were counting!).  The Roommate's been debating the Costs of The House of late, and was considering downsizing our cable TV package.  My first thought = OMG, will I lose Food Network, the Cooking Channel and PBS Create?  Seriously.

When I turn on the TV, my go to channels are food related.  When I surf the 'net - my first stops are the sites/blogs bookmarked in my FOOD category.  I LOVE to see what the Food Network people are making that particular day.  What's my BFF (Ina Garten) up to?  The Day Job is most definitely NOT food related, so I have no idea why I'm wired this way.  I find that the subject of food comforts me - we all need to eat, after all.  It's more than that, though.  Cooking for comfort, or to make memories, or to entertain.  To soothe the rough edges after a particularly horrendous day.  To bring warmth and sustenance to someone who's ill, or experienced a tragic loss.

Food connects all of us, in one way or another.  It's a constant that crosses all languages, all cultures.  We'd all die without it.  And me?  I find love in it.

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